Kundrak Ling Monastery is located in South Sikkim and provides a home for children from Tibet, Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan, providing them with a comprehensive secular and spiritual education.
Currently, the monastery is home to about 20 monks in school age between 7 – 16 years. The children are orphans or come from poor backgrounds. The monastery allows you to care and education.
Later, the children can decide if they want to stay in the monastery or live a secular life. Therefore, a good education in English is important for us.
With the help of the donors, the children get to eat and drink and accommodation. They also receive medical care.
The monastery does not belong to any large organization and receives no funds from the government.
Our project was created as a private initiative. We – Usha Aksoy, Benno Wrobel and Freundeskreis work closely together with the German Yungdrung Bön Foundation and we want to help preserve the monastery as well as the lived spiritual tradition.

With our help the monastery and monks supported. We finance necessary maintenance and set up a fund for emergency medical aid.

All donations directly and in full benefit the project. We are there every year and report on the concrete results and developments.

And we can proudly report that the help provided by our friends over the last 10 years has greatly improved the monks’ living and learning conditions. In addition, we have been able to hire a private English teacher to further improve language training.

With your help, children receive a home, education and perspective.